Pet Lover’s Menu

Here are some of our available food and drinks made specially for pet lovers available daily in our cafe! The best way to unwind is to sit back, relax, with a drink in hand while enjoying the company of your dog who also has their own menu specially made for them! We have more items in our menu in the store 🙂

[interactive_banner banner_title=”Piggy in the Garden Sammie” banner_title_location=”left” banner_desc=”For pet lovers, we have great tasting sandwiches made with homemade ingredients like our Piggy in the Garden Sammie which is a special BLT made with homegrown jam. :)” icon_disp=”both” banner_icon=”Defaults-heart” banner_image=”id^6074|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^Piggy in the garden|description^null” banner_bg_color=”#de5034″ banner_opacity=”opaque”][interactive_banner banner_title=”Citrus Cooler” banner_title_location=”left” banner_desc=”Try our best selling Citrus Cooler: a refreshing mixture of citrus fruit juices and cucumber, definitely something that will keep you cool!” icon_disp=”both” banner_icon=”Defaults-smile-o” banner_image=”id^6084|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^Citrus Cooler|description^null” banner_style=”style04″ banner_bg_color=”#de5034″ banner_opacity=”opaque”][interactive_banner banner_title=”Cafe Sua-Dawg” banner_title_location=”left” banner_desc=”Brewed right on your table, our cafe Sua-Dawg is an adaptation of authentic Vietnamese iced coffee using the best roasted beans from Benguet! Definitely must try for anyone who wants to be delighted with an unforgettable coffee experience.” icon_disp=”both” banner_icon=”Defaults-heart-o” banner_image=”id^6090|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^IMG_0721|description^null” banner_style=”style13″ banner_bg_color=”#de5034″ banner_opacity=”opaque”]
[interactive_banner banner_title=”Banana Smore Shake” banner_title_location=”left” banner_desc=”Great for kids and adults alike, our banana smore shake is a hit and a great refreshment to try while hanging out with your pet.” icon_disp=”both” banner_icon=”Defaults-github-alt” banner_image=”id^6077|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^IMG_8790|description^null” banner_style=”style02″ banner_bg_color=”#de5034″ banner_opacity=”opaque”][interactive_banner banner_title=”Lalalasagna” banner_title_location=”left” banner_desc=”Our best selling Lalalasagna is our pet lover’s dish that put us on the “human food“ map! We had a client who tried it and they messaged Looloo to add us up on the human food menu section because they liked our lasagna so much! Now you know why we call it that way 😉
” icon_disp=”both” banner_icon=”Defaults-thumbs-up” banner_image=”id^6088|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^lalala|description^null” banner_style=”style11″ banner_bg_color=”#de5034″ banner_opacity=”opaque”][interactive_banner banner_title=”Double Choclit Ala Mode Woofle” banner_title_location=”left” banner_desc=”Only for chocolate addicts! It’s our double choclit ala mode woofle!
” icon_disp=”both” banner_icon=”Defaults-magic” banner_image=”id^6093|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^doble choclit ala mooode woofle|description^null” banner_style=”style21″ banner_bg_color=”#de5034″ banner_opacity=”opaque”]
[interactive_banner banner_title=”Crazy Ape Woofle” banner_title_location=”left” banner_desc=”Our Crazy Ape Woofle is great for kids at heart! The mixture of dark chocolate, bruleed bananas and ice cream on top of our homemade waffle is just delightful!
” icon_disp=”both” banner_icon=”Defaults-star” banner_image=”id^6080|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^crazy ape woofle|description^null” banner_style=”style03″ banner_bg_color=”#de5034″ banner_opacity=”opaque”][interactive_banner banner_title=”Arf-o-Gato” banner_title_location=”left” banner_desc=”Our coffee creations like our delightful Arf-o-Gato is freshly brewed with Benguet roasted coffee and served with a scoop of artisan vanilla ice cream!
” icon_disp=”both” banner_icon=”Defaults-coffee” banner_image=”id^6086|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^Arf-o-Gato|description^null” banner_style=”style12″ banner_bg_color=”#de5034″ banner_opacity=”opaque”][interactive_banner banner_title=”Bark-ery Iced Tea” banner_title_location=”left” banner_desc=”For all iced tea lovers out there, our bark-ery iced tea is a yummy take on this familiar beverage.” icon_disp=”both” banner_icon=”Defaults-glass” banner_image=”id^6097|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^iced tea|description^null” banner_style=”style22″ banner_bg_color=”#de5034″ banner_opacity=”opaque”]

All online orders require 5-7 days lead time. Dismiss