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What is natural pet food? Is it right for me and my pet?

Have you ever wondered how little dry biscuits have become the staple for your pet when real, cooked food made from scratch is suddenly “not good” or dangerous? We wanted to do something about this thinking and we have found the balance between fresh and commercial pet food…we made a product that was made from natural and whole ingredients you could get at any human food market, and mixed it with the correct and scientific amount of nutrients required to make a “complete and balanced pet food”. The outcome was such a powerful and honest product, it made changes in our pets’ well being within 2 weeks of switching from kibbles. If you are the type of owner who wants more out of nutrition for your pet, who wants the longevity and quality of life, who wants less vet visits and better overall health without having to do too much work (like buying, preparing, cooking and finding the perfect formula), then our all-natural pet food is for you!

Our Approach

There really is more to just making pet food than what you read online. Each species have specific daily nutritional requirements to be healthy, just like humans. They need specific amounts of amino acids, fatty acids, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and benefit from certain ingredients vs others. We use both NRC and AAFCO guidelines to formulate our meals to ensure that your pet receives everything they need to function in the best way possible, then we also make sure we have superfoods in our ingredients for an even bigger boost to the immune system!

Honest Results

One of the most mind-blowing things you will realize when you decide to make a switch to fresh food is that the results can be seen, felt and smelled in a matter of a few weeks! These results are from the body efficiently processing the food that you feed, because of the quality ingredients and in the right balance! Over the course of your switch, you will notice less vet visits, less hotspots, better vitality and better scent (it’s true!). The results are as honest as the ingredients we use and rightfully so, because your pets deserve the best!

Prime Protein Sources for good body condition
only Ingredients with benefits
added superfoods for your pets' immunity
Palatable and gentle on sensitive tummies
smaller, less stinky poop due to better absorption

Having Trouble Finding Food That’s Right For Your Dog?

You’re Not Alone. And We’re Here to Help!

Good Dog Grub was specifically made for a lifestyle of variety and rotation. Your dog can benefit from intermittent rotation every few weeks between our variants so his body can receive the different benefits from our variety of ingredients! In the same way, we have made some of our variants for highly sensitive pets. Our limited ingredient meals are complete and balanced and can be used as an elimination diet OR a diet that can given long term due to its novel ingredients.

“Nabawasan na rin pati hotspots. Sabi nga ng doctor nya maganda daw talaga kinakain nya na food now kaya ang ganda ng results. Again, thank you for making this possible with your dog food.”

Agnes C.

“I bought a bunch of bags of “Good Dog Grub” and to my amazement, not only did my picky lab inhale the grub but it also helped reduce inflammation around her front leg. I stopped giving her harmful painkillers because she doesn’t need them anymore….Words can’t express how thankful I am that I stumbled upon Whole Pet Kitchen that day.”

Fiona S.

“I just want to let you know Good Dog Grub really helped, Shadow has a soft fatty lump behind his ear before taking Good Dog Grub it was 25mmx35mm, now we recently had a check up kasi I thought it got bigger but it actually got smaller 25mmx28mm which is good kasi it got smaller. The  only change naman was changed his food to Good Dog Grub whitefish :)”

Nicole L.

“Hi! I bought half a kilo last Sunday! Gustong gusto ng dog namin! And also, firm poop nya…compared to other brand 🙂 “

Joanna D.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Grub

Your burning food questions, answered.

Is this ready to eat?

It’s ready to eat! No need to cook. Just thaw and serve. You can feed this alone or mix it with your current food.

what happens if i leave the food out at room temperature?

Leaving food out in the Philippines’ climate causes bacteria to multiply fast especially when your pet has already licked the food! Try not to leave the food out for more than an hour to ensure your pet always gets the freshest food possible.

what does it mean when you say complete and balanced?

Like people, dogs and cats have specific requirements in nutrition to ensure their health and proper body functioning. Complete and balanced means all the requirements: amino acids, fatty acids, carb requirements (if any), vitamins, minerals and fiber are filled out and complete. Balanced means there are no excesses or deficiencies in minerals that your pet needs using that formulation of food.

can I have a meal customized for my pet?

We can definitely do this if your pet currently has multiple diseases that need a targeted dietary regimen. Custom meals do require a minimum amount to make as the vitamins and minerals are extremely hard to balance when the amount of food is small.

how do i store your food?

Our food is recommended to keep in the ref for 2 days when fully thawed or for 5 months in the freezer. Its best to thaw and portion the food, and freeze the food not to be fed for 2 days.

Why do you have carbs and veggies in your food?

Dogs are not true carnivores, unlike cats, they are able to function by converting carbohydrates into energy therefore reserving the use of proteins to rebuild the cells in their bodies. It is much easier for a dog’s body to convert carbs into energy vs. using protein for energy (and we want to use that protein to rebuild damaged cells). The vegetables are there for the enzymes, nutrients and fibre.

Cats are true carnivores, though they have little use for carbs, they still could use some fiber for their intestinal health and to expel hairballs. Vegetables can also provide vitamins like Vitamin K which cannot be found in meats, and small animals need this in their diets. 🙂

will my pet get fat on this food?

There is a chance that pets can get fat with any food. If this happens, you may lessen the standard amount to feed by up to 10% and see how it works for your pet.

why do you add supplements to your food?

There is no such thing as a complete food ingredient that can provide all the nutrients required by the NRC, this is why we still add supplements to our food. But you don’t have to add anything else when you open the bag, just feed it! 

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