Terms & Conditions


By ordering through our site, you therefore agree to the following:


Rush Orders

Rush Orders need a minimum of 2 days lead time, you will not be able to pick the day here on our site, so you should pick the closest day, choose RUSH order for pickup, settle your bill and then REPLY to our SMS order breakdown which will be sent within the day with your preferred date.

Pet Parent's Responsibilities

  •  FClients are responsible to check ingredients diligently and ensure their pets are not allergic to the products they have bought. They are also responsible in ensuring that the food they feed must always be fresh.
  • Whole Pet Kitchen’s products have NO PRESERVATIVES and therefore have a very short shelf life outside the freezer and in Manila’s room temperature.
  • If there are any problems with your order, you should send us a message.
  • Always remove the SKEWERS that keep the cakes in place during transit. Do not allow your pet to eat the cake with the skewers on it.
  • We do not accept returns for our perishable goods. This includes our highest perishable items like frozen dog food, frozen cakes.
  • Returns mean exactly that: the item must be returned sealed and in good condition.
  • NOTE: Your order’s payment needs to be fully verified through email on or before the DUE DATE (to be sent by the SMS order breakdown). WE HAVE NO SAME DAY SENT PAYMENT VERIFICATION.

Delivery Terms and Conditions

  • Your delivery address is within Metro Manila only.
  • Deliveries are usually from 10am-5pm, we do not have timed deliveries due to the route of the outsourced service we hire.
  • Items must be fully paid 4 days before delivery day.
  • Parking fees/Toll fees in recipient’s address will be chargeable to the recipient.
  • Cakes leave our facility damage-free; potholes and uneven road on the way to recipient may slightly smudge the frosting.
  • We do not have meetups, the rider can only wait a maximum of 15 minutes. If no one is around to receive the items for you, it will be sent back to the store and your delivery fee will be forfeited. You will then need to have it picked up before the store closes.
  • We will not replace cakes that have been slightly damaged on the way to your homes.If you’d like to be 100% sure about the condition of your cakes when you receive them, we would like to suggest pickups at our pet bakery in San Juan city.
  • Extreme weather conditions like floods may cause delays and rescheduling of your deliveries.
  • Always remove the SKEWERS that keep the cakes in place during transit. Do not allow your pet to eat the cake with the skewers on it