Fresh, Human-Grade Ingredients

Good Dog Grub is formulated with 100% human-grade ingredients fresh from the market, it has no sawdust, no “trash meats”, no soy, no wheat and no gluten! Cooked gently and honestly prepared with lots of love, our food is ready to eat, just thaw and serve!


Complete and Balanced

Unlike most recipes found online or in books, our fresh dog food has been formulated with the right supplements to have the right balance of vitamins and minerals. Our lab results for the Guaranteed Analysis of our dog food is in every pack of Good Dog Grub.


Health-Enhancing Ingredients

Good Dog Grub is made with super foods like virgin coconut oil, turmeric, moringa oleifera and other ingredients in our meals to ensure that your pets get the best benefits daily. Ingredients we add are known to reduce the incidence of cancer, improve overall health and reduce arthritis and other diseases in pets.


Better skin, hair and overall health

The freshness and mix of our ingredients have been known to produce better skin and hair condition, less “doggy odor” (you know a big chunk of how your dog smells is because of the food they eat!) and better vitality and overall health! Real beauty starts from the inside.


Sensitive tummies and picky dogs

Our gently cooked meals and special blend of ingredients are perfect for sensitive tummies that often need better quality than other dogs. And because of our simple, fresh and natural ingredients, picky dogs cannot resist the aroma and taste of our meals.


Firm, small and less stinky poo

If you’re switching from kibble or canned to Good Dog Grub, you will be quite surprised that your pets will produce firm, small and less stinky poo! They are able to absorb all the good nutrients from our fresh food and turn it into useful energy to keep them strong and healthy. It’s also much easier to clean up!

Ready to improve your dog's health, naturally?

It's never too early or too late to help improve your dog's health! At Whole Pet Kitchen, our Good Dog Grub dog food guarantees only the best ingredients in the right mix for your dog's better health!

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Thank you! Hesitant tlga ko at first kasi sobrang picky nyang si Tochie. Hehehe. I'm so happy na kinaen nya and he even begs for more! 💓 Happy furrent tlga ang peg ko. :)
Ruth B.
They both love it. I have to say the food has helped with their sensitive stomachs. Thank you for all the research, hard work and love that you put into making everything in your barkery and kitchen!