The freshness and mix of our ingredients have been known to produce better skin and hair condition, less “doggy odor” (you know a big chunk of how your dog smells is because of the food they eat!) and better vitality and overall health! Real beauty starts from the inside.


We know that food can really heal and you are what you eat…so if your dog its kibble, he will smell like kibble, he will also be fueled by highly processed food that is not good enough for human consumption. This is a lot like feeding your child chips and cereals for every meal and giving him a multivitamin to make up for everything…it will have to catch up on their health sometime! If your dog eats fresh food, he will smell like fresh food, he will be fueled by nutrients and enzymes that are gently cooked to care for sensitive stomachs. Vets nowadays will almost always recommend a modification in diet when they your dog has a major illness…why? Because food gives the body the proper support to heal itself aside from medicines.