Unlike most recipes found online or in books, our fresh dog food has been formulated with the right supplements to have the right balance of vitamins and minerals. Our lab results for the Guaranteed Analysis of our dog food is in every pack of Good Dog Grub.

The biggest hurdle to making homemade food is how can you make it complete and balanced without having to have the formula tested in a laboratory? The answer is that you can’t! Our company has had a vision to be able to make food from fresh ingredients, make them minimally processed, and yet make sure they are complete in vitamins and minerals, aside from being balanced in minerals in order to make sure your pet gets the proper nutrition without causing long term problems! We always have our food tested so many times to ensure that our formula gives your dog everything that he needs and more! Good Dog Grub is like cooking for your dog, except you need to just thaw the pack and feed it.