What is human-grade? Why is it important?

Human-grade basically means the ingredients used are edible for humans. Human-grade ingredients are much more regulated than feed grade food, they are still fresh and should not cause any problems or food poisoning. In today’s society, there is a very big gap between what food is good and edible for humans and what food is no longer edible and can be used for pet food. Feed grade is the opposite of human-grade. Pet food feed grade ingredients can be anywhere from double dead, diseased, rotting parts, resurrected parts that have been processed to be used as animal food. These items need to be cooked in very high heat to “cleanse” the inedible parts so that they can be turned into pet food because these feed grade ingredients can contain so much bacteria, fungi and pathogens that can still harm the dog.

How much should I feed my dog?

You just need to thaw , scoop and feed. No more cooking needed!

What is the Bureau of Animal Industry?

The Bureau of Animal Industry is the regulatory arm under the Department of Agriculture that takes care of regulating animal feeds, animals for human consumption, animal farming and even animal welfare in the Philippines. Having a permit to operate and certificates of your product means that your company is prepared to be accountable for the items that they sell and that they have passed the standards of inspection. Only legitimate pet food companies have permits under the Bureau of Animal Industry, it means they have been inspected and their products have been tested for quality and the adhesion to animal food standards.

My dog has a condition that requires dietary management, do you have perscription diets?

Yes we have 2 services for prescription diets, 1) you vet has his recipe and we can make the food for you or 2) we use our own vet approved recipes and customize each diet for your dog’s specific needs! We have a small minimum order for prescription diets, but this is only because the supplements that require weighing need to be precise and cannot be done in smaller batches. For our available prescription diets, kindly email wholepetkitchen@gmail.com


What are the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil?

There are so many benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil! In fact, it has been a trending super food for the past decade! People drink it to improve their overall health and well being, and some even put it on their skin and hair to achieve a much more youthful appearance. They can strengthen the immune system, improve mobility of older folk, it is an antibacterial, antifungal, and it contains good fats that can be beneficial in the prevention of heart disease. It is also used for digestion, problems with yeast and infections. We use only 100% virgin coconut oil in all our dog food!

Will my dog go through a transition phase with your food?

For sensitive dogs yes, that is why transition must be very slow. For dogs who don’t have sensitive stomachs, transition to Good Dog Grub is easy and can be done within 7 days just by adding more Good Dog Grub, and removing kibble everyday until the dog can have 100% pure Good Dog Grub. You can also mix our dog food with kibble and rotate between variants to give your dog more variations of ingredients and food which is very important to keeping good health!

Do you have raw?

As of now, we still do not have raw. All our food is gently cooked, we also do not cook them for too long to make sure the enzymes are preserved. Vegetables are minced and cooked through to help the dog digest them.


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