Our gently cooked meals are perfect for sensitive tummies that often need better quality ingredients than other dogs. And because of our simple, fresh and natural ingredients, picky dogs cannot resist the aroma and taste of our meals.

Dogs have a great sense of smell! They can smell the freshness in every food item you bring home, this is why our food makes such a big difference with picky eaters: Dogs know that they are getting quality ingredients and meats just by a whiff of Good Dog Grub! No artificial ingredients needed to color our meals or make them smell more appealing to trick pets and owners into thinking that what they are getting is fresh and real food, because our food is made from 100% real, additive and preservative free fresh vegetables, fruits and meats. Our ingredients are the secret to calming down dogs sensitive stomachs! By simply giving your dog fresher options, their sensitive stomachs will be able to quiet down and feel happy about the food it digests.