Why choose Good Dog Grub? Good Dog Grub vs. Commercial Dog Food.

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    our staff mixing and packing Good Dog Grub

    We make our food using human-grade ingredients in sanitary conditions! Good Dog Grub is made the way we would make food for for a person with allergies. Care and attention is given with every ingredient that we use, we use sanitary and clean equipment always (since our human staff also do a final taste test before packaging).

A lot of the commercial dog food available in our market today, however, is made from ingredients that are no longer good for human consumption (unless you always read the label and you look out for “human-grade ingredients”. This means they use diseased meats, “double dead”, animal growths like tumors, inedible parts like hooves, beaks, hair, feathers, different kinds of unknown animals, grind em up, cook them in extreme temperatures, spray supplement and preservatives on them and then package them. They are “complete and balanced” but the freshness and bio availability of the ingredients are really in question. Fruits and vegetables rot within a few days, how can dog food live for years without expiring?

  1. Good Dog Grub is complete and balanced, we have our guaranteed analysis in every pack! I wouldn’t call our food something that you can cook yourself at home, because we made sure that our formulas are tested to meet the nutritional value of a complete and balanced meal. We add human-grade vitamins and minerals to our food to supplement the needs of pets according to the National Research Council of the US which has made standards in the nutrient requirements for small animal care.All legitimate dog food companies require Guaranteed Analysis on every pack, make sure to check yours because it tells you the nutrients your pet is getting and it also helps you understand their needs should it change with age.

    Each pack of Good Dog Grub contains our Guaranteed Analysis and our feeding recommendation based on weight and calorie needs.
  2. We use superfoods in all our variants! Superfoods like virgin coconut oil, turmeric and moringa oleifera are mainstays in all our formulas. We chose these superfoods for their availability (these are purchased locally from reputable supplement sources) as well as we looked at what they all had in common…all of them have some sort of anti-cancer property and helps in pet’s arthritis and inflammations. In today’s society, we are definitely what we eat and cancer has not only been an epidemic in humans but our beloved dogs as well! We want our dogs to live long and making their food with fresh, wholesome ingredients is the way to go! This is definitely something only a few dog food companies put!
  3. Always FRESH! The best thing about making this kind of dog food is the freshness! You never have to worry if your food was made 6-8 months ago in some obscure factory. We make them here in our kitchen and we make them in small batches weekly!  Our food contains ZERO preservatives and must be kept frozen to maintain freshness.
  4. Total convenience! Homemade meals that are complete and balanced here in the Philippines have been unheard of until now…Good Dog Grub makes this possible! If you have been making your own meals for your dogs, then you know how tedious is it to buy, wash, chop, boil, cool and pack the food you made, plus you have to add your supplements, it takes more hours to prepare your food than to buy it, and IMG_8098another hour to cool it before packaging…plus all the pots and boards you need to wash.  With Good Dog Grub, this process is significantly reduced to 2 steps: thaw and serve!


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Our packaging was made to make it easy for you to rotate between variants so that your dog can get a variation of different meals easily.

What ingredients do you use for your food?

The very same ingredients you use for your food at home! From meats, to eggs to vegetables and fruits and even supplements, Good Dog Grub uses 100% human-grade ingredients that can be purchased in any human grocery and pharmacy, but they are made for your dogs (not you!). We have made sure that these can be tasted, since we really do taste tests before we pack every batch!

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Why isn’t it raw? Isn’t that the best?

For those who have been feeding raw to their pets and have enjoyed the benefits; I can clearly see where you are coming from, however, not all dogs can have raw. But our reasons are the following:

  1. Raw isn’t for all dogs. My dog, Jack, has consistently had stomach sensitivities ever since he was young, plus we have a toddler at home so we didn’t want to have the risk of exposing him, or the toddler to possible pathogens. Knowing that Jack interacts with the toddler and that he is sensitive to food itself, makes me not want to do raw for him.
  2. The means to properly sanitize and remove pathogens from raw food. We do not have the means to properly sanitize and remove the pathogens from raw food especially ones coming from our local suppliers…the technology for making raw safer is simply too expensive for a startup like us. Methods like pressure removal for pathogens or irradiation is still way out of our league, and if ever we do raw in the future, we want it to be 100% safe for all those who handle it, and for the dogs who are more sensitive to bacteria as well. People who sell raw here in the Philippines should consider sanitizing their raw meals, but  some of them have not gotten that far into their research to provide a product that is safer for handling and transportation. Some of them also use sawdust, which is a mixture of fats, bone, meat…not always in the same quantities. For raw, we recommend doing them fresh on your own at home to ensure the quality of ingredients.
  3. Making food complete and balanced. Most DIY raw feeders will never know exactly how much the calcium/phosphorus ratio along with the available vitamins and minerals of their homemade raw food contains. If we want to do raw in the future, we would need to modify existing formulas to make sure they follow the standard of the NRC and not give your pets an imbalanced meal.
  4. Human-grade meats are totally expensive here in the Philippines…but feed grade ingredients like saw dust and the like, are very cheap. If a kilo of ground beef will cost P200, a kilo of saw dust will only cost P40-70. Saw dust is never constant, if the butcher has more fat in his cuttings today, it means more fat in your sawdust. Since saw dust is not sold for human consumption because of its explicit risk for cross contamination and pathogens, we will never use saw dust.
  5. Studies about raw vs gently cooked. So far, there aren’t much studies about the bio availability of the nutrients of raw vs  gently cooked food. We seem to use almost the same ingredients in different amounts, the only difference is, we are able to sanitize the food by cooking it, plus we have made the formula complete and balanced with the added supplements.

What’s always important is to feed your dog a well balanced meal made from whole foods! Both raw and cook have these, but then again it also all depends on your dog and what you can do and afford.

Can I add Good Dog Grub to my existing dog food/kibble?

YES! Unlike raw, our gently cooked food can be used as toppers on your pet’s current kibble! There has been a study recently that dogs who ate some fresh human-grade food could lessen their risk to certain cancers by up to 70% . Adding Good Dog Grub to your current kibble can significantly improve palatability, too (especially for those who get tired of kibble quite easily). Since our meals are already complete and balanced, adding them to your dog’s kibble won’t disrupt their vitamin and mineral needs.

Add Good Dog Grub to kibble? Yes, you can!

Good Dog Grub vs other Dog Food Available in the Philippines!

We have made a comparison chart of our Good Dog Grub and Dog Food available here in the Philippines. Prices for this are current prices as of July 2016.


As you can see, dog food with by-products and non-human grade ingredients tend to be very cheap. If a kilo of beef in the local market is at 200, feed grade beef is sold in bulk and is 1/4 the price because they are no longer edible, they will either be thrown in the trash or cooked to make your dogs food (yikes!). The products with preservatives are also much cheaper this is a lot like comparing corned beef to a fresh beef brisket! Higher rated dog food aren’t as cheap, but they do not contain preservatives and some of them put a very high price on “human-grade”. Goof Dog Grub is average priced because it is made in the Philippines and does not need preservatives to keep it fresh (just pop it in the freezer and you’re good for 6 months!). Cheap may come at a high price later on when your pet’s immune system have lost its resources to fight off diseases because of low quality ingredients.

What new things can I expect when I make the switch to Good Dog Grub?


Every dog is different, but here are some of the things our “grubbers” have reported to us after they have made the switch!

  1. Better skin and hair.
  2. Better overall health and vitality.
  3. Picky dogs find our food tasty!
  4. Sensitive tummies can benefit from our fresh ingredients and gentle cooking.
  5. Firm, small and less stinky poop!

Your dog will have better vitality especially if he has been on a kibble/canned based diet all his life. The feed grade ingredients are so taxing to the body that they come out in odor, dental condition and excrement!

Instructions for switching are on every pack of Good Dog Grub, but the idea is to slowly introduce the new food to your dog by adding a little of bit of Good Dog Grub daily, and removing a small portion of their current food. Keep adding more Good Dog Grub every day until you completely remove the current food…this may take up to 7 days for regular dogs, and up to 12 days for dogs with sensitive tummies (my Jackjack has a sensitive tummy so we have to be patient!). Always, always let your vet know about diet switches etc!



But my dog has low protein needs / or is obese and requires lower calories /or my dog has high protein needs, how do I address this?

Every dog is different. You may check our guaranteed analysis for more information for the basic analysis of each of our meals. Our Good Dog Grub mixer meals allow you to modify your pet’s diet by adding your own starch and vegetables. Click the recipes tab and you will find the appropriate changes you can make to our Good Dog Grub variants to suit your dog’s individual needs. We also have some lower calorie recipes you can make for our other variants. We have tried our very best to make Good Dog Grub friendly enough to suit your pet’s individual needs and something you can modify in your own home. Always consult your vet for any diet modifications.

My dog has a condition that requires dietary management, do you have perscription diets?

Yes we have 2 services for prescription diets, 1) you vet has his recipe and we can make the food for you or 2) we use our own vet approved recipes and customize each diet for your dog’s specific needs! We have a small minimum order for prescription diets, but this is only because the supplements that require weighing need to be precise and cannot be done in smaller batches. For our available prescription diets, kindly email wholepetkitchen@gmail.com

But I thought grains were bad for dogs? The never ending debate, debunked!

Grains have had such a bad wrap in dog food because we are talking about feed grade grains and not human-grade whole grains. Feed grade grains are grains like wheat, corn, and rice not suitable for human consumption: either they have gotten bugs in them or have gotten too old or a bit moldy, so pet food companies will have to heat them to high heavens to be able to kill of bacteria and fungi which also kills its nutritional value, they are also loaded with preservatives to make sure they don’t grow molds while they are sitting on the shelves.

Whole, human-grade grains, however, are a great source of energy AND nutrition for dogs! For anyone who has delved in modifying their dogs nutrition by switching to a grain free diet, we have found that switching the amount of grains like rice to vegetables can cause lower energy, lack of endurance and weight loss since you need more food to make up for the lack of calories grains can provide (we have tested this on our own dogs!). Grains may cause obesity when fed in big amounts since only because they are calorie dense, not because they are bad, so it is up to the owner to adjust the portions given or the amount of exercise given to the pet to ensure that they have better bodyweight and health.

good dog grub beef

Carbohydrates in vegetables and carbohydrates in grains and other grains are utilized by your pet’s body the same way, so it is a matter of quality that you will be feeding to make all the difference. Whole, human-grade grains contain great amounts of vitamins, minerals, protein and even fiber to help your pet’s digestion. With Good Dog Grub, you are assured that our grains are properly cooked so that your pet can utilize them effectively (that’s why their poop is quite small compared to when you feed them conventional, commercial dog food) and of course, they are whole and human-grade!

Currently, Good Dog Grub has variants with whole grain cooked rice, and grainfree variants as well. If your pet is allergic to rice, we suggest that you opt for our grainfree or our mixer variants if you want full control of their meals.

Why are you doing this?

I was really conscious about what my dog eats then I thought that maybe some other people are too! Cooking for your pets is a really tedious task especially if you are working and you only have so much time in your hands to cook. We wanted to make it convenient for other people and we also wanted to improve the state of animal care and nutrition in the Philippines by providing options that people want for their pets without it being too muc . It was a really good thing that I wasn’t the only one cooking for their pets in the Philippines and we have found a few kindred spirits in our clients 🙂