Thank you! Hesitant tlga ko at first kasi sobrang picky nyang si Tochie. Hehehe. I'm so happy na kinaen nya and he even begs for more! πŸ’“ Happy furrent tlga ang peg ko. :)
Blanca J.
Haru has been a picky eater lately but he really likes your yummy dog food. Thank you. :-)
It's Good Dog Grub from Whole Pet Kitchen. It's a complete & balance meal for dogs with absolutely zero preservatives. At first alanganin ako kay Eli, because she's a picky-eater, SUPER! and look how she eats her dinner, halos ayaw nko pansinin And with Markus, lately wala tlga siya gana kumain. Pero parang hindi nmn na ngyn. Yey happy nnmn mga babies ko. Good job mommy.
Trish Navs
Ang pinakanapansin ko talaga is, walang amoy yung stool nila. Hihi. Nagulat pa ko na nagpoop na pala. Thank youuu Whole Pet Kitchen! 😍😍😍
Ruth B.
They both love it. I have to say the food has helped with their sensitive stomachs. Thank you for all the research, hard work and love that you put into making everything in your barkery and kitchen!