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Due to the Community Quarantine, our bark-ery is only open for take-out for the meantime. We are open to dispatch orders Tuesdays through Sundays 10am-5pm.
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You may also call (02) 83572753 or (0908) 8623351 today!

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About Whole Pet Kitchen

At Whole Pet Kitchen, our main goal is to provide healthy and delicious food and treats that your pet can enjoy. We believe in improving the quality of our pet's lives in every way possible, especially through nourishing and healthy food and treats! We are closely working with vets and believe that the best kind of food we can give can only come from natural sources, cooked gently and fortified with health-giving, human-grade ingredients!

Our bakery started as a home-based bakery that grew into our little dog cafe and retail store. We can only thank our clients who have provided us with great inspiration and insights on how we can continuously improve our products and services for them.

If your pet is highly sensitive to a lot of ingredients, we can help make a custom treat for them. Send us an email at