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Our Fresh Pet Food

eggs and rice


Making fresh, homemade dog food really is a tricky process: you have to know the right, safe ingredients in the right amounts, cook them just right so that the nutritional value of the ingredients don’t diminish. It is true that there are some very good quality kibble out reaching Philippine shores nowadays (but limited), but oftentimes, ourĀ dogs would lose interest in them after several feedings and then you’re back to giving them cooked food. I am also very worried about my pets’ intake of water, water is essential to pets and the lack of it especially with dry food may cause problems in a hot climate like the Philippines. Jack (my golden retriever), in particular has had allergies with even the best brands out there which pushed me to completely move him and all our other pets to homemade. What I noticed about feeding my dog homemade food was that they’re bodies are in better shape, they eat don’t have to eat as much in terms of quantity, their coats are nicer, less smellier and less “sheddy” and the dogs really enjoy meal times compared to before.


There really is more to just making homemade pet food than what you read online. Pets have a daily nutritional requirement to be healthy, just like humans. They need certain vitamins and minerals, and benefit from certain ingredients vs others. Before I started Whole Pet Kitchen, I spent a over a year doing research and being on and off in the test kitchen, as well as sending samples to a laboratory andgetting help from some vets. I found out that some of my vets were already prescribing home cooked meals to a lot of their clients because of the health benefits, they were more than excited to help me since they knew how tedious it was for their clients to make the meals on their own! During this time of testing pet food, I decided to make a few treats since I had a good background of what pets can and cannot eat. I was able to open products as treats for Whole Pet Kitchen and was a little sidetracked with all the work.



From our original plan, we decided to launch our treat line first because the process was taking quite long especially with the laboratory analysis involved. But after years of updated research and continually working on our recipes, we have finally found the best balance of available ingredients and the proper method to cook and supplement the food to be given to our pets. We made sure that this passed the strictest standards, and had our formulas tested by trusted independent chemical laboratories to see their contents.


Good Dog Grub


We decided to name our meals “Good Dog Grub”, and you would find our ingredients friendly (without the long weird names) simply because they are made from real food, from scratch. The supplements we add to reach the right nutritional amounts are also from sources for people to ensure quality for our pets. And of course, a Whole Pet Kitchen product wouldn’t be complete without the extra healthy ingredients we put in our products! We still use organic virgin coconut oil in all our food formula as a source of fat and oils aside from a little vitamin e.

Our homemade food is made carefully through a regular process of cleaning the raw ingredients, chopping them up into small pieces, cooking them over a stove, cooling them quickly to prevent bacterial growth and then adding our supplements before bringing them to be vacuum packed and sealed and frozen. We make them in small batches weekly to ensure that your dog gets the freshest food possible. We are still very much a small company, but we handle everything with the utmost care just like you would when you would cook for your pets, only more complete because we use supplements!


IMG_1727We hope that our homemade dog food will change your pets’ livesĀ  and health as much as it has changed ours, and our view of good dog nutrition.

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