It’s so funny how recipe development took me from a few cookies, to muffins, to cakes. The hardest part about developing a recipe for dogs is the idea that I should be able to make it healthy and not loaded with sugars…it seemed impossible, but I found a eureka moment thanks to some ideas I got from my food styling.


I finally came out with a healthy frosting, one that was based on potatoes without the refined sugars. There are many ways to make an sugar-free icing stable…you just have to really search deep within all your cooking knowledge and consult several books.


So tasting day came when I proudly laid my cake on my wood boards for photography purposes. I crossed my fingers that Jack would like icing that’s vegetable based and not too sweet. I sliced the cake and showed it to him…he froze a bit and didn’t know what to do.


I cut it up for him and he began to eat, and boy did he gobble it up! Talk about a crazy breakfast!


We went over to Betterdog Canine Behavior Center as I wanted to have my treats and cake sampled by their clients and dog. To my surprise, one of their trainers were really open to tasting the cake herself prior to the dogs..I cut her a piece and she smiled, “It’s actually quite good! But it’s not that sweet…which is good as well.”

Hopefully your dogs would enjoy the cake very soon. 🙂