Doc Riza has been Jack’s (and the rest of his siblings) vet since they were still pups. I moved Salsa to Doc Riza since we really enjoy her service and her gentleness towards our pets. She now does house calls with Doc Melai and I can say that it’s pretty convenient to just set up an appointment than to wait for long lines in an animal clinic especially on peak hours.



Doc Riza has been curing small animals (small meaning cats and dogs) for the past 7 years, she has also been a volunteer to do spay & neuter jobs for a local NGO. She specializes in small animal medicine and surgery.


Doc Melai has been in the small animal practice for the past 5 years. She ranked 2nd place in the Vet License Examinations in 2007. She currently specializes in canine distemper treatment and internal medicine. Their team can now visit your pets at home for consultations and vaccines.


The Service:

Doc Riza and Doc Melai come into your home at the agreed time. They do the physical check along with weighing etc. For problem dogs like Salsa, I had to leave the room first so they could take some time to let her get comfy since she’s a very territorial dog, she even tried to bite me at one point. But with their patience and gentleness, Salsa happily allowed Doc Riza and Melai to even clean her ears and cut her nails. They have a nice big pack of ready-to-use medical items that they may need use their visit with you. Jack and Salsa got all their shots down without having to bring them into the car and wait in the vet, I also didn’t have to come in late for work!


For those who are interested to have their dogs serviced at home you may call:

Doc Riza Zunio

Contact number: 0922 879 8646

Doc Melai Pelayo

Contact number: 0917 837 4871

*photos were from Doc Riza and Melai from their ongoing clients all over Metro Manila