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Whole Pet Kitchen was born out of the lack of fun and healthier options for pets back in 2011. As the pioneer in the natural pet food and treat industry, we continue to take inspiration from our clients to continue to bring worthwhile products while doing our part in the animal welfare community.


Our Story

Where It All Began

, I grew up in a household full of dogs, cats and birds. My granny, Lourdes Sanvictores, was a real animal lover, she bred dogs and we grew up living with over 30 dogs at one time. We had helpers who were hired to focus only on the dogs, some would cook the food and cleanup, some would bathe and take care of the puppies in the nursery. 

I went on to culinary school to become a chef and a food stylist. I loved research and development and would little testing projects in my spare time. I also spent a lot of my home time taking care of pets like dogs, birds, hamsters and fish..we even had a horse at one point.

Cooking for pets all started when my 11 year old lab Jamal had gotten depressed after his lifelong companion, Cookie, passed away in 2008. It was a tough several months because he refused to eat anything and aged in a matter of weeks. My vet had told me to cook for him as he refused to eat and lost a lot of weight. He passed away at age 12. It was just one of those days when I had a crazy idea, if I was doing this crazy tedious cooking for my pets, how many people were doing the same thing? It had such a profound effect on the dogs when they would eat fresh food versus kibble and so I had consulted our vets how important nutrition was to aging and dogs with diseases. They were excited about my ideas and I began doing more research and tests on how to make dog food.

Unfortunately, I did find out that you were not allowed to make dog food in the Philippines unless you had a certification from the government. I still continued my tests and research with the help of our vets but I began making treats also, as those didn’t have the same stringent requirements as pet food. I made sure each treat I made had superfoods that improved pet health aside from just the usual, and I gave them out to my vet and their friends until their friends became interested in what I was making.

Finally, I was able to formulate a pet friendly and delicious “cake” made with superfoods, without the usual food colors, sugars and preservatives. This, along with my hand-made, human-grade biscuits and treats became the first few products of Whole Pet Kitchen. It was the first of its kind and dog lovers soon got word that I was making them. My research into pet food grew more extensively as I was doing this, because I had discovered the variety and great produce we had locally, and what can be used for pets and what couldn’t. I used this time to improve my prototypes, on our own pets and our friends and family’s dogs. I went on to do small bazaars and made friends with organizations focused on animal welfare and care. I was so surprised to find out how many people had been looking for healthier options for their pets at that time. We were thankful to get noticed enough to be invited to animal focused charity events which further strengthened what we wanted to be in the community: a company that could help animals through the products that we make, as well as help spread responsible pet ownership in the growing community. 

By then I was working nights baking our treats, and my did my day job in the morning. It was starting to get a bit more demanding on weekends that I needed to hire some help. I was always inspired by my own pets too, at that time, my dog, Jack, had already transitioned fully to our test food from eating a mix of kibbles and home cooked food, and the effects on his well being were incredible.

In 2014, we built our very first store. It was a tiny, 24 square meter cafe where pet lovers all tried to fit in, the concept was new but people latched onto it, and even received international and local attention in the form of news and features (proudly,  Jack made it to front page news in a national newspaper), helping us reach the clients who truly cared about their pets’ nutrition. It was a very small store, but we were able to serve a good amount of people and dogs. After all the tests and research we had done up until a year after our store was opened, we finally launched our first all natural Pet Food line, Good Dog Grub. Everything was set, we had become compliant and received our certification from the local government. We had perfected our first 2 variants over the course of 2 years, and we did find the very same clients we had been looking for from the start: the ones who truly wanted a healthier alternative for their pets. In the years that went by, we developed more “functional treats” and more variants of our food. We continued to grow with the community, helping animal welfare as best we can by involving ourselves in events like charity pet buffets and bake sales. It is always fun to be part of something that can help others at the same time. Though we didn’t expect it, we needed to move our commissary to a better space in less then 5 years. And so we did. We left the small store and set up a new store a few kilometers away, which would house a better commissary for our items.


Today, we are at a 80 square meter cafe and human-grade commissary in San Juan. I am finally certified in Companion Animal Nutrition and offer a custom nutrition service. We have also partnered up with the best local pet stores to distribute our products (another first as our products need a freezer due to having no preservatives), had gotten a supply contract for an international company to make their biscuits for them and are serving up pets from all over the metro in their journey to better health. We work closely with vets and animal practitioners in order to ensure that we always get guidance in producing our products. Our cakes have gone through an evolution, and we have seen a sudden surge in more available natural items for pets from other brands in the recent years and it honestly makes us happy. Since WPK was born out of the lack of such products, within a few years, pet owners have awakened to find that natural products do have profound effects on their pets. We still find it incredible how we got here. From our midnight baking on weekends to a fully functioning commissary and supplying pet stores, we never imagined the kind of support we have received for truly natural products.  And I know that with the kind of caring people we have at our company, partnered with clients who give us inspiration, our story will go on to help more people and their animals in so many ways than we could’ve imagined.

 We are truly happy and blessed to be able to provide these products for your pets and this inspires us to continuously improve and make more products that will help your pets be in the best condition possible! Cheers to your pets’ great health and we hope to serve you soon!

Giannina Gonzalez

Founder of Whole Pet Kitchen


Our Approach

 We always ensure that all ingredients and methods used to manufacture your pets food is human-grade, minimally processed, made with safe, healthy ingredients. Having a strict standard to ensure consistent quality every time is also key as natural products do not have a very long shelf life. We follow both the NRC and AAFCO guidelines for making pet food, getting the best of both to ensure that your pets are given not only minimum, but recommended requirements in nutrition.

Our Process

All our ingredients and food are handled in the way a strict human food manufacturing facility would handle them, as every batch of food needs to go on a final taste test by our quality control team. We have an onboard Food Safety and Sanitation officer and protocols to ensure that whatever you are feeding your dogs were made to stay fresh (even without harmful preservatives). Our products are made in small batches . This ensures that WPK products you buy are always fresh.

Unique Framework

We believe the key to good health is a synergy of healthy lifestyle, modern medicine and natural, fresh food. We only use human-grade ingredients that is minimally processed to ensure that your pet gets maximum nutrients from our products. Every WPK product contains a superfood to make every bite “functional” and worthwhile. This unique framework of mindfulness and quality makes Whole Pet Kitchen’s products stand out from other food and treat manufacturers in the Philippines and the world.

In the Spotlight

Press, Recognition & Major Events

We attribute most of our “wins” to the overwhelming response we received from the pet community locally and around the globe. I truly believed that our community has helped so many people care for their animals responsibly because of the continued information being passed around about natural animal care in general. We can only thank the people who became interested in what we do for the continuous recognition and features we have received. In turn, we are able to also do more for our community through our charities of choice in helping animals who are truly in need. We thank you, our dear clients for your support through this journey!


Awards & Commendations

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What We Offer

Freshly Made Treats

Our products are made in small batches so you can always be assure that your items weren’t made the year before!

Fresh Ingredients

Our ingredients are bought from suppliers of the human hospitality industry and cooked within a few days of purchase.

Tasty Meals

Pets love our selection of food and treats because they are all made from scratch! Pets can really tell!

Creative Chefs

We’re always trying to push ourselves to make creative and fun ways to put superfoods in your pets diets!

Original Products

Being the pioneers in the industry, we’re making sure that you receive original AND healthy products at the same time!

Let Us Do the Work

Our products were made to make our clients’ lives easier by providing top quality products that just work for your pets!

Whole Pet Kitchen: Pet Deli & Bark-ery

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