Celebrate Health & Longevity

Your dogs’ special days are definitely worth celebrating, and what better way to do that than through a healthy treat!

High Quality Ingredients

At Whole Pet Kitchen, you can be assured of high quality, human-grade ingredients using gentle cooking techniques to preserve nutrients.

Results in Just A Few Weeks

Making the switch from kibble to our fresh frozen food, Good Dog Grub, gives visible results in just 2 weeks!

Help Your Pets Stay Healthy Without Changing
Your Busy Lifestyle

People always have this idea that switching to a more natural meal for pets is somehow tedious. It might be tedious if you’re preparing everything on your own. This is why we came up with products that make it easier for you and your pet to have a healthier lifestyle together. That way, you spend more time enjoying each other’s company, rather than making stuff from scratch. You may be spending less time at the vet’s too, and I’m sure your pets are going to appreciate that very much!

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Does Your Pet Need a Specialized Diet that Doesn’t Seem To Be Available Anywhere?

You’re Not Alone. And We’re Here to Help!

Sometimes we encounter extra sensitive furkids with underlying conditions that need nutritional management. Since these specialized needs may be several different allergies or diseases all at the same time, it can be overwhelming for a furparent to see what their pets can and can’t eat. With the help of your vet, we could help create a specialized meal for your furkid to help you manage their issues.

Prime Quality Proteins

Prime quality proteins mean better absorption for your pets.

Join the Clean Bowl Club

Our palatable food is enticing even to the pickiest eaters.

Vegetable Power

We use specific vegetables with enzymes super beneficial for your pets’ health

Less Stinky Poop

And because our ingredients aren’t too processed, your pets are able to absorb them better = smaller, less stinky poo!

Fresh and Balanced Pet Food & Healthy Treats

If you aren’t staying too close to our bark-ery in San Juan, we have several stockists all over the metro for your convenience. You may get some of our best sellers near your area for a quick fix for your furbabies.

Giannina Gonzalez

Founder & Chef

As it turns out, I wasn’t the only person looking for a healthier alternative to my pet’s food and treats.With what started as a small hobby of weekend baking and research, has turned into a community of like minded individuals wanting to strike a balance between giving natural food and having it nutritionally complete. Every year of good health is definitely something to celebrate, and we look forward to helping you and your pet on their journey to a good, long and healthy life. We’ll be here to help as best we can!

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