There are times when some pets just have multiple issues on their health and this can be overwhelming for any pet parent. Our custom nutrition services are currently help pet parents find a good diet to manage multiple issues through both the vet’s treatment and good nutrition. The impacts are great on your pets’ overall health and quality of life when you have good treatment and good nutrition options for them.

What is Our Custom Nutrition Service?

Whole Pet Kitchen’s custom nutrition services combines standard industry formulation for therapeutic dietary management of certain diseases with the addition of possible supplements that may help in your pet’s increased immunity and overall well being. This customized service requires our team to formulate a special diet with the help of your vet, to target certain outcomes to the effective management of the said disease. Not all diseases may be cured with nutrition, but the right nutrition can help your pets’ quality of life where he or she needs to live the rest of her days managing her issues.

Get your freezers ready though, our food is fresh frozen and it doesn’t contain any preservatives and it is also not processed in high heat to preserve nature’s helpful enzymes.

This is an end to end service (from formulation to execution), where all the client will need to do is follow the vet’s treatment plan and use our food as an adjunct therapy to that treatment. 

How do I Know It’s Right for My Pet or My Business?

  • You Need A Product That Is Specific To You and Your Pet or Your Pet Clients
  • Your Pet Has Multiple Health Issues that Need to Be Addressed Through Nutrition and Medicines.
  • You Need an Easy Way to Manage Your Pet’s Issues by Having Custom Food Made That You Can Just Thaw and Feed
  • You need a bespoke solution for your pet’s allergies and unique requirements.
  • Your Business Needs to Go Pet-Friendly but You Would Like An Expertly Made Product
  • You have an event and you would like to have natural pet friendly options for your guests


What People are Saying

Meal Planning

When you need added help with your pet’s nutritional management needs, we can make custom meals for his / her issues and we do this with fresh, gently cooked food improved by health giving supplements!

The Right

Whole Pet Kitchen’s custom formulas are based on existing requirements as set by the leading research on companion animal nutrition and the NRC depending on the disease that requires nutritional support.


We can make unique products that only your company can offer. And we are going to make sure the doggos love ’em so much that your brand will always be top-of-mind!

Custom Nutrition & Services

Custom Diet for Your Pet

We can create a customized meal plan for your pet’s needs. This requires us to get specific information, along with your pet’s current background on health and issues. We will be working closely with your vet by sending them a chart of how our proposed diet will look nutritionally so that they can double check if these needs are met. Our meal plans are based on existing small animal clinical nutrition standards for every disease that requires nutritional management to ensure that is supportive with your vet’s chosen treatment.

Custom Product or Service for Your Business

If you’re a business owner, and you would like to include a special service or product made by Whole Pet Kitchen specifically for your clients, we can do this for you! Our team can get you to become pet-friendly and natural in no time! Additionally, we also love being part of events, and we would gladly add a little natural pet friendly zing to your business!

Our Corporate Clients for Custom Pet Products and Services

We have had success working with awesome brands to provide their clients with the best custom products or service they want to offer. The pet industry continues to grow, and having your business go “pet friendly” creates an inclusive and fun feel that can foster friendships and help spread responsible pet ownership at the same time. Our manufacturing facility isn’t as big as a lot of commercial pet food companies, but we are always able to deliver results as promised.

Some clients we have worked with for customized products and services are: Pet Express (SM Group), Shake Shack Philippines, Handyman/BowWow, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How our Custom Nutrition Service Works!

Our team will be studying your case to start the process of making a formulation and chart that shows all the nutrients to be expected in the food. When it’s done you may show the said chart to the vet and with their go signal, we can already make your first batch of meals!

Diets can definitely improve and speed up the rate of healing and success depending on your pet’s conditions. Unfortunately, not all diseases can be healed through medicines and food, some just need to be managed to give your pet a longer, more comfortable and happy life. A mix of good medication, vet care, proper nourishment are the keys to success.

 The clinical diets are based on standards and studies set by board certified vet nutritionists, independent veterinary researchers as well as prescription diet companies such as Hill’s and Purina, but using fresh food. The diets are fully bespoke and specific to your dog or cat’s unique requirements. We do need as much information about your pet as possible to ensure that the diet is properly supportive of your pets’ goals. 

 We are committed to staying up to date with the latest research and improvements as set by international standards for nutritional support to ensure your pets’ special needs are met.

Our minimum amount for making custom food would be anywhere from 7kg and above. You also need freezer space.

Chef Giannina Gonzalez has over 10 years of experience in the field of natural pet nutrition. She has also been an research and development chef for 5 years prior to her work in Pet Nutrition and Whole Pet Kitchen. Whole Pet Kitchen opened the custom service when she finished her program in Canine and Feline Nutrition at Southern Illinois University in 2020 which focused on clinical nutrition for companion animals.  She graduated from the Natural Animal Nutrition program under board-certified veterinary nutritionists at College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies in Australia, focusing on nutraceuticals, raw and natural food in 2022. She has also completed the Nutrition Guidelines program of WASAVA Academy (the World Small Animal Veterinary Association) also in 2022. Chef Giannina also spends time attending natural animal nutrition seminars and natural animal care summits online to be up to date with the latest findings in the industry.

Whole Pet Kitchen commits to providing the most up to date maintenance and clinical support diets using the natural ingredients that will help your dog manage their issues effectively as an adjunct therapy to your veterinarian’s treatment plan.

You will need to consult the vet before any diet change as they can tell us the history and requirements of your pet. it is important to customize the food in such a way that it will take into account, all pre existing conditions and special issues that you may not be aware of that could make a difference.

The main requirements (calcium, and other vitamins and minerals) as seen in the NRC will be handled from our end in the food. Depending on the issue, you may add supplements that the vet prescribed or approved and we will also be informing you if we will also be including some special supplements in the diet required for your pets disease.

  1. Our formulas are derived from standard requirements for prescription diets to manage certain diseases and are tailor fitted to your pet’s requirement. These are levels and supplemental balances used by veterinary nutritionists as a standard for clinical diets. We do not give out recipes/formulations.
  2. We make our custom formulas by batch of 7-10kg minimum with a cost range of 3000 and above per batch depending on your pet’s specific requirements. We do not make small batches below this.
  3. We do require the go signal from your vet for any of our custom formulas as they know what your pet needs to succeed in management or healing. 
  4. The food requires freezer space. 
  5. Subsequent changes to an ongoing diet or another variant will require a new mobilization fee to make room for the new calculations and formulas needed.
  6. The mobilization fee of 1500 is NON REFUNDABLE. It will not be returned to you if you decide not to push through with the service.

We use only all-natural, fresh, human grade ingredients vs feed grade ingredients, thus making the food quality much much higher than a mass market canned/kibble prescription diet.

Depending on what ingredients your pet needs as well as the kind of supportive supplements we add, it could cost more initially, but may be cheaper in the long run because you won’t need to add the required supportive supplements (which are expensive when you need to buy each one on its own). We do not add medication to the food, just supportive supplements. Some of these said supplements are optional and are very expensive since we only use human grade supplements and not feed or “pet” grade to ensure quality and good absorption.

Of course, because they are bespoke, you will never be able to get the same formulation elsewhere as it is made for your pets individual, special needs.