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*Grainfree* Buffalo & Veggies Simple Meal, limited ingredient Good Dog Grub (grain & gluten-free) 1kg


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Our buffalo and veggies simple meal was made for a very sensitive dog. It is 100% grainfree and is gently cooked to ensure your dog gets healthy enzymes. Buffalo is a novel protein that is extra lean but contains high quality protein your sensitive pet will surely love. Our simple meals are made with only 9 ingredients plus supplements that may be a jumping point for a good elimination diet. This type of meat also has less calories, less fat and cholesterol than most meats, including chicken. It is nutrient dense but is naturally tasty which can coax the pickiest eater.

Comes in 500g and 1kg.

Of course, because of our signature Whole Pet Kitchen touch: our dog food is made with virgin coconut oil as our main fat source, and turmeric and moringa oleifera leaves for their anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

Our food is slowly cooked and frozen, made in small batches with the proper balance of supplements for superior nutrition.

Our meals have absolutely ZERO preservatives, by-products, fillers, feed-grade ingredients, artificial colors & flavors.

Always consult your veterinarian when switching dog food!
Guaranteed Analysis:


As fed %

DM (%)

Total Calories Cal/100g


Crude Protein



Crude Fat





Crude Fiber






How much to feed per day:

How much to feed per day:

(should be adjusted to your dog’s activities and age, seniors and overweight dogs should eat less than the recommendations below)

  • toy: 3-12 lbs. – 159-451g
  • small: 13-20 lbs. – 479-660g
  • medium: 21-50 lbs. – 680-1316g
  • large: 51-90 lbs. – 1330-2045g
  • extra large: 90+ lbs. 2065g and up

Switching to Good Dog Grub is easy! (may take longer for sensitive dogs)


Good Dog Grub

Old Food

Day 1-5



Day 6-12



Day 12-18



Day 19



Low Protein Requirement? Some pets need lower protein than what we have here, with the supervision of your vet and a go signal on the ingredients (if your pet has special needs), you may lower the protein of this meal by exchanging a percentage of Good Dog Grub with vegetables like river spinach, kale, chayote, jicama, sweet potato, potatoes, squash, broccoli, carrots, or grains like rice, oats and pasta.