Beef and Rice Good Dog Grub (gluten-free) dog food 1kg


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You asked and we listened! Our new and improved Beef and Rice formula was made for puppies and adult dogs who want to maintain good skin and coat and those who need a good amount of extra energy.

At a glance, the beef and rice is the ultimate introductory food for puppies who would like to start their journey in eating an all-natural, balanced meal. Our fresh mix of 3 proteins namely, beef, eggs and sardinella is the perfect mixture great for growth and extra energy.

Fresh vegetables like sweet potato, carrots, river spinach and green beans is a great blend for your little pups to get accustomed to eating vegetables which give them antioxidants for their immune system.

Of course, as a special touch, we use virgin coconut oil, fish oil from anchovies and herring to complete the required omega 3’s for a growing dog or a dog needing skin and coat care. It is great as a rotational food too because of the good variety of ingredients and supplements your dog can receive in just one package. Turmeric is also added to increase its antioxidant properties!

Our meals have absolutely ZERO preservatives, fillers, feed-grade ingredients, artificial colors & flavors!

Our food is slowly cooked and frozen, made in small batches with the proper balance of supplements for superior nutrition.

Always consult your veterinarian when switching dog food!

ingredients: beef, sweet potato, rice, river spinach, whole eggs, sardinella, carrots, green beans, virgin coconut oil, fish oil, taurine, turmeric, vitamins and minerals, icelandic kelp, black pepper

If you are an old feeder of beef and rice, check out the new ingredients based on our improved formula: fish oil, taurine, icelandic kelp

Parameters Guaranteed Analysis DM
Total Calories Cal/100g 135 cal /100g
Crude Protein 6% 23.11
Crude Fat 5% 20
 Moisture 76%
Crude Fiber 3% 12.19
Ash 0.81 4.89%
Ca:P ratio 1.2:1

How much to feed per day for adult dogs:

    • toy: 1 to 3kg – 97g to 221g
    • small: 4-9kg – 274g to 504g
    • medium 10kg – 22kg – 545g to 985g
    • large 23kg to 40kg – 1018g to 1542g
    • xlarge 41g and above – 1570g and up

How to switch to Good Dog Grub (may take longer for sensitive pets!)


Good Dog Grub

Old Food

Day 1-5



Day 6-12



Day 12-18



Day 19



Storage & Feeding: Freeze unused portions until ready to feed. Thaw in the fridge overnight or boil in its bag for 2 mins. Food may spoil when left out at room temp for several hours, Can be stored in fridge for up to 2 days in container. Make sure your dog has a bowl of fresh water daily.


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