Pupbiotic Ice Cream, plain 12oz – dog and cat treat



What is something cool, fun, tasty and healthy all at the same time? Our newest functional treat: Pupbiotic “ice cream” isn’t like your regular ice cream that’s sweet and made with a lot of fat. Our ice cream is made from home-brewed kefir, homemade yogurt, probiotic fibres and a touch of honey to balance out the subtle flavors! If you compare this to our current best selling probiotic pupsicles, our pupbiotic ice cream has more benefits that just probiotics! As probiotics are used by the body to colonize the gut, prebiotics are there to feed the good bacteria to make them release enzymes that are beneficial to your pets’ body. In short, prebiotics, feed probiotics so that they can both do great things for your pet’s microflora.

Being preservative-free with heaps of superfoods that is beneficial to your pet is the Whole Pet Kitchen touch to this product. KEEP FROZEN. If it is too hard to scoop, you may thaw it out on the counter for a few minutes for easier scooping.

How much to give:

  • Teacup pets = 1 – 2 tsp per day
  • Small pets = 1/2 – 2 tbsp per day
  • Medium pets =  3 – 4 tbsp per day
  • Large pets = 4 – 5 tbsp per day
  • X-Large pets = 6 – 8 tbsp per day
  • we do not recommend allowing the dog to finish the entire cup in one sitting as too much probiotics can also shock the system

Ingredients: probiotic milk kefir, probiotic yogurt, prebiotic fibres, honey, gelatin

Size: 12oz or 230g